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The fantastic evolution in our metrics has been accompanied by several milestones achieved by the company. At the very start we were selected by Google to be one of the 29 startups worldwide who took part in their first Early Access Collection program!

Soon after we were invited to take part in other special programs by Microsoft (Bizspark Plus), Amazon (AWS Activate) and ended up as finalists in the prestigious IE Venture Day and iBridges Barcelona competitions.    

And last month we won the Madrid Mobile Summit 2017 Startup Competition after an expert jury of techies and investors decided our idea had the most potential to become a blockbuster due to its product, team and business potential!  


Lingbe opens its investment opportunity to everyone who is interested in supporting a great idea thanks to the premium investment platform Startupxplore, where all interested investors can access this round by investing from a starting sum of 1,000 Euros (one thousand Euros). The renowned pledge fund Lanzame Capital is the lead investor in this operation and investors who decide to participate will be able to invest in the same conditions and valuation as the investment club and learn from their experience.

Lingbe represents a unique opportunity to solve a global need that is unmet today. There is no other solution on the market that facilitates the practice of languages with the ease that Lingbe does and proof of this is the excellent traction that is taking the product in its first steps.
Lanzame Capital

The target amount to be raised in this round is €250,000, which will be spent mainly on marketing and app technology. Given the great scalability that the startup business model has already demonstrated, the objective of the round is to complete the new version 2.0 of Lingbe and progressively increase the growth of users internationally.

Interested investors can access the investment platform, register and access company information such as the business model, scalability strategy or key metrics.

Thanks from the team @Lingbe…. and contact us if you have any questions ; )

*Secret tip: The investment window will be open until January 19th, 2018 so hurry up!  

Phrases To Travel




The way we travel today is totally different than traveling in the 90’s. In those days it was very common to hire a travel agent to book airline tickets or show us different accommodation options. We also were used this model to locate places to eat, to party and tourist sites, carry a gigantic map was the most common and uncomfortable thing in the world.

Nowadays, things have changed. Technology has come to lighten our lives and solve many things that were once tedious.shutterstock_664876390

Thanks to smartphones, we can do practically everything with a single finger. We can book a hotel room not before having checked many options in just a few minutes. We can buy plane tickets and when we reach our destination we can explore the best places to eat, go for a walk and even meet local people.

But something that has definitely not changed is being able to learn some words from the language of the place where we go and classic phrases necessary to survive. Before books were used to solve these problems but that is a thing of the past. Today, Google translator and different applications allow us to learn words and phrases and also meet people.

However, while speaking fluently another language, we will make a list of essential questions for you when traveling.


  • What’s the Wi-Fi code?
  • I have an online booking for a room tonight
  • Do you accept contactless?
  • Can I charge my phone here?
  • Where can I top up my phone?
  • Do you sell USB cables?
  • Do you offer online discount?
  • I read your reviews online, and…

                                                                                                            Without a doubt, technology is our new best friend and when we are traveling is very useful for everything from taking a taxi, to doing bank moves but shutterstock_646374610you need to push yourself and practice all the time until you speak fluently and the best way that you can do is talk with confidence.

Flappers: Brave, sensual and rebel girls.


Let’s travel to the 20’s. Just to situate ourselves in an era, we will speak of a peculiar fashion that emerged at the end of World War II, when a new cultural and artistic awakening arose to give space to a new stereotype of women that flooded and scandalized all the social spheres.

Women began to emancipate, gained power and freedom through work; women could get employment usually as a flap1secretary, telephone operator or clerk in clothing stores. That is how women began their economic independence, allowing her to drive, go out at night without a companion, drink hard liquor, smoke and have attitudes and behaviors that were reserved for men.

Then flappers arise. Breaking with all social parameters; these women changed the form of behavior and dress code dictated by the English aristocracy of those years. The fashion that preceded the flapper limited women’s movement as every garment they wore was designed to highlight the shapes of their bodies, it was uncomfortable and conservative. The flappers era changed all that. They undid the classic corset that slenderized the figure by making the waist narrow, raising the breasts and allowing the hips to look rounded by using a different corset that crushed the chest making a figure much more square achieving a childlike and androgenic appearance, which was combined with a male haircut called Bob Cut.

flap4A characteristic of the flappers, besides the rebellious behavior, masculine and scandalous was the excessive use of makeup. They did their lips with fiery reds that stood out from a skin that was paled with talcum powder, the eyes were framed with heavy black eyeliner and generally their hair was colored jet black, platinum blond and the most daring tinged red, which at that time there were many superstitions about redheads. As for accessories, they wore layers of pearl necklaces, sashes covered with bracelets, feather wraps, and headbands, all full of glitter and sequins.

The flappers even had their own jargon. Their dialect reflected their promiscuity and his habits. Terms like “snugglepup” referred to men who frequented get-togethers where everyone kissed and caressed. These parties were called “petting parties” where of course they also had “barney-mugging” so they would refer to sex. To express their approval, flappers used phrases like “That’s so Jake” and “That’s the bee’s knees”. Many terms that flappers used in the 1920s still exist in the current jargon of American English, such as “big cheese”, that is, an important person.

This fashion also had an artistic impact and culture. American writers and artists like F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Held Jr., and Anita Loos popularized this fashion and social attitude in their works, giving the image that the flappers were independent and attractive women. The first appearance of the word and image of a flapper in the United States came from the popular Olive Thomas movie “The Flapper.” This was the first film in the United States that portrayed the lives of these women, and from there, many actresses would direct their careers following the same image as Thomas.

Like all fashion and countercultural movements, the world of flappers came to an end with the devastating fall of the flap2United States stock market. This lifestyle could not find a place with the economic problems of the 1930’s, a conservative and religious reaction eradicated the liberal lifestyle and fashions of the 1920s, yet these independent women allowed modern women to become an integral part and long lasting in the Western world.





Future World

“To date, a computer is not designed to be aware of what it is doing; But most of the time neither are we.”


We have seen in countless programs, series, and films the projection of a future that is getting closer. The great fear of many is that technological advances can be such that humanity ends up being subjected by machines and robots. An improbable scenario if we consider that the evolution of artificial intelligence is proportional to human intelligence, is that the more intelligence a machine has, the more intelligent will be its creator and operator.

Every day we are closer to that utopian world, where the human being has practically become a robot.shutterstock_335493701

In the future world when we wake up in the morning, contact lenses will tell us how our body’s health is that day, the appointments we have scheduled, whom we must call, we can even store information such as telephone numbers, Photographs, record moments and be able to project them on devices like the screens (Just as you seen it in the chapter of Black Mirror) which at that moment were only holograms. The underwear we wear will provide us with a dose of medication to stabilize our levels of vitamins and proteins that our body needs, antibiotics in case of having an infection and painkillers if we have any pain.

Nanotechnology will allow us to have control over some diseases or physical complications. Clogged arteries? It will be a thing of the past, a small robot can enter our arteries to clean them. The 3D prints will make it possible to recreate any type of organ that may be compatible with the receiver’s DNA. The quality of life of the human being will be much better; Food will improve, the products will be made with a high content of proteins and vitamins; There will no longer be any need to eat animal meat because it will create a type of meat with better nutritional value, with the same taste and without being harmful to the body.

Self – operated robots are already a reality. Robots that will prepare your food, who will replace the drivers in taxi services, self – guided automobiles that will transport their passengers in a safe and precise way. They will even be extremely useful for underground, underwater and space exploration; Or in tasks that are high risk for humans and certainly those that are tedious or heavy such as cleaning, maintenance of green areas, etc.


We can say that we are witnessing the end of an era and the beginning of a new one, where science and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, an advances that improve the living conditions of human beings, the planet and all beings. Utilizing renewable natural energy options, discovering cures and treatments for deadly diseases and reducing waste and using them intelligently for the creation of new products

In an era where technology and humanity will be interconnected unequivocally, it’s in our hands not to lose our human condition, to be empathetic with each other and to improve our species not only in the technological sense but also in all that which separates, limits and delays us from true evolution.


Use Lingbe to talk with other people about the futuristic world.

Wonderful Mind

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”

                                                                 Pablo Picasso.


We all have a creative mind; however, creativity is not something that appears at any given moment, many people do not know how to invoke inspiration and go through a phase known as “blank sheet”, it’s a period in which Ideas do not occur and there is a blockage of creativity.

Contrary to popular belief, creativity is not linked to the use of the right brain, nor does it refer to having a lot of imagination, it is a much more complex process in which, if we had to reduce it exclusively and place it in our gray matter, we would say; a creative person is someone who can work both sides of the brain at the same time. This does not mean that being able to simultaneously drive the two hemispheres of the brain is a genetic or exclusive virtue of certain people, certainly, for some, it will be easier than for others, but that is how they execute their thoughts and practice some exercises that Develop brain power.

An area in the brain responsible for what we call “daydreaming” has been identified; this network of imagination is located in the frontal and parietal part of the temporal lobes allowing rambling on the past, the future and the abstract.

The secret to invoking inspiration and emerging creativity is to activate this network of imagination as they relate to the executive network of the brain, which controls attention and memory. In this way creative people concentrate on letting their imagination fly, blocking external distractions and allowing them to isolate themselves in their reverie.

In studies related to psychological health, it was concluded that creative minds are more cultured, primitive, constructive and destructive, occasionally mad and at the same time extremely conscious compared to “ordinary” people, creative people tend to be more introverted than the rest, allowing them to have a self-awareness and knowledge of their darkest and uncomfortable side while managing to focus on details that activate the thought-action.

There is no such recipe for creativity, but we can imitate some practices of the great minds that allows us to learn to clear the mind and concentrate. Watching around, listening to different music, watching movies, references, taking a time to be alone, exercising, walking, traveling and reading are some practices that we can perform to exercise our mind, after all, the brain is a muscle and if it is not stimulated, at some point it will atrophy.

The Surrealistic Movement


Surrealism is one of the most important and popular artistic movements. It has been characterized with the passage of the years by its origin from Dada in the 20’s. Around the world there are museums in which are exhibited the best paintings of its precursors and leading figures.

The best marathons in the world


The world of running is competitive and requires great preparation to travel a long and heavy distance like a marathon. Are you a runner? Imagine walking the 42,195 meters in a country totally different from yours. Would you like to live it? Here we present you the best marathons and without any doubt, it is worth running.


It is one of the oldest in the history of running. It is held on Patriots Day (the third Monday in April) and dates from 1897. It is characterized by its mountainous route considering altimetry and a tourist landscape on its way, ending at the Boston Public Library. The 2013 edition is the most remembered, due to the attack that broke out in full career, being one of the tragic acts that shocked the world the most.


It’s slogan is "Das Marathonfest auf der schnelisten strecke der Welt", which means the marathon festival on the fastest track in the world. And, indeed, among the riders is known for being one of the fastest, given its type of soil lighter than the previous one and also counting on numerous sites of general interest where the route passes. Its first edition was carried out in 1974 and since then it is one of the most requested by classified runners.


It is organized by the same company responsible for the famous Tour de France. It is one of the most colorful and perfect marathons, since its route, besides the incredible tourist attraction (the track goes along the River Seine), there are more than 100 orchestras and popular animations distributed along the route. To date, the sports edition hosts approximately 50,000 runners from around the world.

Join the Lingbe community and practice the language you want, and meet runner from all over the world! Don’t forget to share your experience in this wonderful sport.

Traveling in Latin America: gastronomy is not to be missed.

Traveling is one of the most important pleasures for people, and even a lifestyle. That is why, when planning a trip to any part of the world, it is inevitable not to think about the activities that will be done in the chosen destination. However, the most important (and practically the engine of the same trip) is mealtime; Because when you go to a foreign country, you know another way of life, another culture, another way of thinking, of being, of eating. Do you have plans to travel to any Latin country? Learn a little about the history of gastronomy in some countries of Latin America:

The Importance of Being Polyglot


Today it is very necessary to speak two or more languages besides the native. Why is this happening?

It has been proven on a global level that having more than one dominant language is one of the main objectives for people on a professional and personal scale; the chances of travelling around the world and being able to initiate conversations with native speakers is an increasingly necessary fact in people’s lives for different reasons: work, study or just in order to increase social life depending on the needs of the speaker. Among the most sought after languages in the world are English, French and recently Chinese Mandarin.

What’s going on a polyglot’s brain?

Those who master a third language often have their brains in shape; Several studies show that by practicing several languages, it improves attention span as well as ensures a notorious and very possible delay in Alzheimer’s prevention.

The most effective way to maintain the brain healthy is through the stimulation of mental exercises, which are carried out with the practice of something that requires a lot of attention. Among the most important scientific effects are the so-called cerebral plasticity or neuroplasticity, which consists of the neurons regenerating anatomically and functionally in order to form synaptic connections.

It is a fact that knowing at least six languages, requires a very complete brain gym. It allows you to pay attention, while at the same time develop other functions such as speech; hearing and even the sight. The benefits are often forged more easily if you handle the ability of a polyglot from a very young age.


Would you like to become a fluent polyglot? Think no longer! Download Lingbe and practice languages directly with a native speaker in an easy, fast and safe weay while meeting people around the world who share your hobbies and interests.


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The advantages of practicing a language with native speakers

It is known that practicing a language has hundreds of benefits that will make your life easier in a bunch of different ways, just the fact of being able to communicate in another language is very important and is something that will help you throughout your life on a personal, professional and academic level. You will also feel safe and comfortable travelling if you know you can communicate with the local people. It is not necessary for you to enroll yourself in a tedious language course, there are alternative ways that make practicing a language fun and simple, and there is no doubt Lingbe is one of them.